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Aqua Dreaming was conceived by David John Haintz as a platform to showcase his passion for underwater photography, and to assist and inspire fellow scuba divers (of all experience levels) who may be interested in learning more about the art of underwater photography. David is excited to share his personal collection of images with other photographers, diving enthusiasts, and those that may be new to underwater photography, as he endeavours to refine his creative skills using the latest technology and techniques. David's accomplishments as an underwater photographer can be viewed on our Photos & Videos page, with further details on Aqua Dreaming and David Haintz available on our About Aqua Dreaming page.


Above: underwater photography by Aqua Dreaming (see more images)

Other than specialising in underwater photography, Aqua Dreaming provides divers with the opportunity for Underwater Camera Hire in Melbourne. We cater for divers that are experienced in underwater photography (who may want to rent camera equipment that they're considering for purchase), also for divers who haven't had much experience in underwater photography. We offer simple, compact point-and-shoot underwater camera hire (with waterproof housings) to suit novice divers, with a digital SLR camera for the advanced photographers. Regardless of your level of experience and confidence in diving or photography, Aqua Dreaming is always pleased to assist with our underwater camera hire services - even offering guided diving tours in Melbourne, with an introduction to underwater photography for beginners.


Aqua Dreaming also offers our underwater photography as stock images and prints for sale, all customised to suit your individual requirements. We have a large variety of ocean creatures from exotic dive locations all around the world, including Australia. All of our images were captured with the same equipment we have available for underwater camera hire on Our Services page. Please read more about purchasing our underwater photography, stock images, and prints for sale on Our Products page.


To stay up to date with our latest photos and diving trips around Melbourne and Australia, simply "like" our Facebook page, and please Contact Us if you have any general enquiries with regards to scuba diving, underwater photography, stock images, prints for sale, and underwater camera hire in Melbourne. Otherwise feel free to browse our Photos & Videos, and let David know what you think about his underwater photography - we sincerely look forward to hearing your feedback!


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